GEA milk Pasteurizer

Compact and pre-assembled milk pasteurizer with a skimming centrifuge

The GEA milk pasteurizer is the right choice if you ...

  • ... are looking for a partner capable of supplying a complete pasteurization line.
  • ... need to get back on production quickly and don't have time for on-site installation and a lengthy commissioning time.
  • ... require a flexible solution which provides easy processing of raw milk and cream.
  • ... prefer an easy-to-use system that supports the operator in optimizing the output.

Product passport

  • Available for capacities from 3,000 to 10,000 l/h:
    - GEA milk Pasteurizer 3000
    - GEA milk Pasteurizer 5000
    - GEA milk Pasteurizer 10000 
  • Available skimming centrifuges:
    - GEA milk Skimmer pro 20
    - GEA milk Skimmer pro 40
    - GEA ecocream
  • Completely skid mounted
  • Flexible operation:
    - Milk
    - Cream
  • Options:
    - Cheese milk
    - Yoghurt milk
    - Partial homogenization
    - Cream cooler
    - CIP dosing

Your benefits at a glance

  • Compact design of the pasteurizer
    - Reduced space requirement
    - Easy to operate – optimized yield
    - Easy maintenance – less downtime
  • Flexible operation
    - Capable of processing milk and cream
    - With or without separator
  • Skid mounted solution
    - Easy and fast integration
    - Quick commissioning
    - No need for opening the floor
  • Less coordination effort with third parties
  • Easy operation via user-friendly HMI
  • IOT ready and remote access option
GEA milk Pasteurizer

Options & Features

Available options for customization
  • Pressure-priming pump + differential pressure control
    - Provides additional process safety
    - Additional pumping pressure to reach the final destination tank
  • Cream cooler
    - Cools the cream down to 8 °C for intermediate storage
  • Post heating for cheese milk
    - 20 - 45 °C post heating for direct feeding of the cheese vat
  • Yogurt milk treatment
    - 90 °C increased heating temperature to improve yield
    - 6 min holding time as separate stand-alone unit
    - 20 – 45 °C post heating for direct feeding of the fermentation tank
  • Partial homogenization
    - Drinking milk to prevent cream separation
    - Yoghurt milk for better structure  
  • Lost CIP
    - CIP dosing system for caustic and acid concentrates
  • Anybus gateway for signal exchange
  • mGuard for remote access
Design features
  • All components are installed and connected
  • Everything is tested in the factory
  • Quick installation on site
  • Minimal installation effort 
  • Compact design supports the operator - easy operation
  • Easy relocation
  • Easy to maintain due to special attention of space requirements for dismantling the equipment
GEA milk Pasteurizer - Design features
Centrifuge features
  • Optimally integrated into the process
  • Pasteurizer and separator are set up to provide the following:
    - Optimal process condition for optimal skimming performance
    - Optimized CIP process to save time
    - Possibility to operate the pasteurizer alone
GEA milk Pasteurizer - Skimming separator
Automation features: New user-friendly HMI
  • Complete process in one window
  • Easy overview of process data
  • Operation in automatic and manual mode possible
  • Trending possibility of different parameters
  • Standardization calculator to support the operator to setup the flows correctly
  • IOT ready
GEA milk Pasteurizer - HMI

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