Preassembled and multi-purpose pasteurizers

GEA Pasteurizer Systems for Beverage Applications

Range of standardized, and customized continuous pasteurization solutions that can be used for hot filling, cold aseptic filling or ultra clean filling of non-alcoholic beverages for small to large batch sizes.

Pasteurization is a key technology for ensuring the microbiological safety of non-alcoholic beverages, and for increasing shelf life. But as a producer you know that no single pasteurization technology or set of process parameters will be right for every product. Your ingredients, factors such as viscosity and heat sensitivity, and added components such as seeds and herbs, pulp or fibers, may all impact on how pasteurization is carried out, and the best equipment to use.

Meeting consumer expectations

Today’s world of non-alcoholic beverages encompasses an almost endless variety of fruit, vegetable and water-based drinks, juices, smoothies and concentrates. And as consumers we expect all of our non-alcoholic beverages to be safe, retain key nutritional components, but we also want them to taste, look and smell great.  

So here at GEA we’ve worked with the industry for many years to develop a wide and flexible range of standardized, and customized continuous pasteurization solutions that can be used for hot filling, cold aseptic filling or ultra clean filling.

Standardized and custom-designed solutions

Juice pasteurizer – simple with plate heat exchanger

Our standardized equipment is fully featured, robust and can be delivered and installed quickly for reliable day-to-day processing. For more complex applications, or if you need to switch rapidly between different products and want the flexibility to develop new applications, we can work with you to tailor a custom-designed pasteurization system that integrates with your upstream functionality, and lets you process multiple products on the same machine. Ultimately, we aim to make sure you have the best system for your product and process requirements, which also fits in with your existing plant setup. And, of course, you can expect the highest levels of hygiene by design. Our pasteurization systems offer easy maintenance, and fast, thorough cleaning.

Recovering and recycling energy

Juice pasteurizer – complex with tubular heat exchanger

We aim to engineer sustainability into all of our technologies, so that you can reduce energy and resource use, cut waste and costs, and improve productivity and yield, without compromising on product quality. GEA plate and tubular heat exchanges achieve up to 95% heat recovery and are configured as standard into all of our pasteurizers, helping you to save on costs as well as reduce energy requirements. Clever design - such as patented tubular heat exchange inlets that don’t get blocked by fibers - means you can expect trouble-free operation. We’ve also developed optional heat pump technology that could potentially allow you to achieve 100% heat recovery, by boosting and re-channeling waste heat from elsewhere in the plant to your pasteurizer process. GEA heat pumps can be configured into new and existing pasteurization plants and could allow you to do away with boiler-generated steam, for an even lower carbon footprint. 

Staying agile in fast-changing markets

Juice pasteurizer – Hot filling with plate heat exchanger

As a producer you may need to switch between products multiple times a day and develop new products for fast-changing markets. Options such as recovery tanks, and mixed phase detection systems help to reduce product losses, and speed switchover, so you don’t waste valuable product, or production time. And with full automation and pasteurizing unit (PU) control, our systems are easy to use, reducing hands on time.

Here are some facts and figures, at a glance:

Temperature range:

  • Pasteurizer plants up to 98°C
  • High heating pasteurizers up to 125°C
  • UHT plants up to 145°C

Flow rate ranges:

  • Plate heat exchangers are available for flow rates of 200 – 120,000 l/h, with up to 95% heat recovery (for particle free products)
  • Tubular heat exchangers are available for flow rates of 200 – 70,000 l/h, with up to 92% heat recovery (for most product types)
  • Flow range from 20% to 100% of the maximum speed on one pasteurizer using dual stream pasteurizer technology

Invest with confidence

Our goal is always to give you the best options for your requirements, and we may also be able to offer pilot plant testing, so you can evaluate your processes using our pasteurization technology. When it comes to testing, we are by your side. 

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