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GEA is active in the food, beverage, chemical, pharma, dairy processing, dairy farming and marine industries. Our portfolio includes machinery and plants as well as advanced process technology, components and comprehensive services. Our group structure is based on technologies and includes five divisions, each with leading market positions. The divisions are supported by central, regional and local functions.

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From heterogeneous business areas to technologically-oriented divisions

All units are operated by managers with direct P&L responsibility. The divisional structure promotes entrepreneurial behavior – one of the central GEA values – and transparency both internally and externally. It is key to a sustainable increase in profitability. In addition, the proven bundling of activities in country organizations will be retained so that we can continue to offer customers centralized, yet local contacts.

GEA Group Structure

Separation & Flow Technologies Division


Separators . Homogenizers . Valves & Pumps

Separation & Flow Technologies encompass process engineering components and machines, including separators, decanters, homogenizers, valves and pumps. These technologies are at the heart of many production processes.

Our solutions contribute to a cleaner environment in numerous industrial applications. They also ensure the efficient separation and homogenization of liquids used in the production of foods, beverages, medicines and home & personal care products that consumers enjoy and rely on. GEA pumps and valves guarantee that raw materials and products move safely and efficiently through plants.

Liquid & Powder Technologies Division

LPT division

Liquid & Fermentation Technologies. Powder & Thermal Separation Technologies

Liquid & Powder Technologies provide processing equipment and integrated solutions for the dairy, food, new food, beverage, chemical and home & personal care industries. The portfolio includes brewing systems, liquid processing, aseptic and non-aseptic filling & packaging, concentration, fermentation, crystallization, purification, drying, powder handling & packaging as well as systems for carbon capture and emission control.

GEA designs, builds, configures and installs versatile and sustainable equipment and technologies, processing lines and complete plants.

Food & Healthcare Technologies Division


Pasta & Extrusion & . Bakery . Food Application Solutions . Pharma & Healthcare

Food & Healthcare Technologies provide solutions for food processing. This covers preparation, marinating and further processing of meat, poultry, seafood and vegan products, in addition to processing lines for pasta, baked goods, snacks, breakfast cereals, confectionery and pet food. GEA also offers spiral- and tunnel freezers, as well as equipment for slicing and packaging of food.

GEA solutions for the pharmaceutical industry include machines and plants for processing solid dosage forms, including highly potent drugs for batch or continuous production. This portfolio also includes freeze-drying technology for liquids, such as vaccines.

Farm Technologies Division

Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming: Milking, Feeding, Manure, Digital Herd Management, Hygiene & Service

Farm Technologies offer integrated customer solutions for efficient and sustainable high-quality milk production and livestock farming. This includes automatic milking and feeding systems, conventional milking solutions and digital herd management. GEA manure management solutions ensure operators have the right tools for the safe storage, application and upcycling of this important resource.

All solutions are served and fully embedded into our service lifecycle. They are complemented by a wide range of hygiene products and chemicals to promote optimum udder health and superior milk quality.

Heating & Refrigeration Technologies Division


Compressors & Compressor Packages . Heat Pumps . Chillers . Controls . Valves . Turnkey Installations . Digital Solutions

Heating & Refrigeration Technologies combine extensive production process knowledge and integrated heating and cooling expertise. It provides sustainable, energy-saving solutions for customers in the food, beverage and other key industries. All offerings are supported by comprehensive digital and service platforms.

GEA plays an important role in the decarbonization of production processes, cities and other market activities. Via a sustainable engineering solutions platform, which includes a comprehensive portfolio of heat pumps, GEA delivers the precise temperatures critical to each customer’s operation. These proven technologies provide integrated, high-efficiency solutions that significantly reduce CO₂ emissions and energy costs.
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