World Milk Day 2024

resource-efficient solutions for the dairy industry

Innovative ideas for a more sustainable future: We have developed solutions for manufacturers of all sizes that help save energy and water, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and cut waste and emissions.

Sustainable GEA solutions for the dairy industry – Celebrating World Milk Day 2023
Water is essential in dairy products

Water is essential in dairy products

As our freshwater resources are increasingly threatened by climate change and pollution, we at GEA are working on technologies to help reduce water consumption and wastewater volumes on a large scale.

Use case GEA EngySpeed series

The power of simplicity: A new approach to milk skimming

The philosophy of the GEA EngySpeed series is based on smart simplification rather than pure performance enhancement. The result: A reduction of the power consumption by up to 40%.

Precision fermentation advances sustainable dairy

Plant-based alternatives are gaining market share, and now precision fermentation is enabling animal-free dairy products that look, taste and feel like “the real thing”.

A future-proof cheese factory

A future-proof cheese factory

With a rich history in the cheese-making industry spanning over 50 years, Josef Vögele, Managing Director, Milchwerk Crailsheim, and his team have transformed their plant into a sustainable, and efficient facility.

Milk products

A filling line for the times

GEA’s Whitebloc Aero filling line, designed specifically for ESL, is helping major producers like Latteria Soresina in Italy grow their business and shrink their environmental footprint.

GEA VARICOVER® Product Recovery System in an international dairy processing plant

GEA VARICOVER® – Clearing the path for less wastewater

Water consumption varies from plant to plant. While the potential of product recovery technology is far from exhausted, the ability to make ecological improvements depends greatly on the product and plant design.

With a small add-on unit for separator cooling, private dairy Naarmann now saves more than 1 million liters of water per year.

Climate-friendlier production: Make every drop matter

On its continuous path to sustainable processing, Private Dairy Naarmann now saves more than 1 million liters of water per year with a small add-on unit for separator cooling.

Gasper Calandrino, director of engineering, MMPA

GEA OptiPartner improves spray dryer performance at MMPA

For MMPA, implementation of OptiPartner resulted in immediate gain in productivity, higher moisture load, and improved energy efficiency, which have been fully maintained.

Josep Masramón and his daughter stand in front of their GEA batch milking installation.

How batch milking supports sustainable dairy farming

The latest evolution in automated milking introduces batch milking, helping dairy farmers to overcome recent challenges to balance cow welfare, flexibility and sustainability.

Aurivo significantly reduces on-site fossil fuel consumption by some 80% with GEA solution

Efficiency up, carbon footprint down with GEA Holistic Engineering Solutions at Aurivo

Aurivo has cut CO2 emissions at its Killygordon site by 80%, thanks to GEA's integrated milk processing and refrigeration and heat pump system.

GEA Smart Filtration CIP

Sustainable CIP operations with GEA Smart Filtration Flush & CIP

Reduce your electrical power usage and water consumption of your membrane filtration process without compromising the effectiveness of your cleaning process.

GEA AddCool pilot plant

GEA AddCool makes spray drying more energy friendly

Our high temperature heat pump solution allows you to cut the carbon footprint of your spray drying plant by reducing fossil fuel and primary energy consumption, and increasing process sustainability.

CIP recovery unit for membranes

CIP Recovery Unit with Membrane Filtration

With membrane filtration, it is now possible to recover more than 90 percent of a spent caustic solution by using pH-resistant nanofiltration (NF) membranes.

NiSoMate® Quality Analyzer

Continuous inline control of the consistency and quality of liquids during the homogenization process that allows to continuously adjust the operating parameters and optimizes energy consumption

LEFF® function integrated in GEA T.VIS A-15 control top

Control and Feedback Systems: Low Emission Flip-Flop – LEFF®

Reducing water consumption is a key priority in sustainable production. GEA’s electronic LEFF® function can save more than 90% water and cleaning agents during valve seat cleaning.

Discover how GEA technologies are helping our dairy customers around the world make great-tasting and nutritious foods for diverse global and niche markets. Stop by and stay up-to-date with news about innovations, stories and events around our offerings along the complete dairy process chain.

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